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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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1761 Renovations offers you a FREE Roof Analysis done via drone technology to capture high-quality images and minimize further damage to your roof.

Call us for a FREE ANALYSIS so together we can avert further damage to your property. We are big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care that you get a quality roof the first time around- we got you covered!

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Atlanta roofing specialist

Atlanta roofing specialists

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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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We will complete your analysis using aerial and thermal imagery to identifty issues.



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We will provide you with a detailed report of your analysis, as well as a quote.


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Here's What You Get

What You Get

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

Risk free, no obligation roof inspection and analysis

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

99% + dimensional accuracy compared to traditional methods

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

Accurate and comprehensive reports

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

A licensed public adjuster to assist with insurance claims

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

High-resolution aerial and thermal imagery to identify issues


Drone Pilot On Standby

1761 Renovations is a local team of experts serving the Atlanta metro area. We are not only experienced but strive for perfection on every job we do. 

see what sets
1761 renovations
apart At No Cost

Schedule a no cost, convenient analysis.

Allow us the opportunity to show you what a superior experience can be had by choosing 1761 Renovations. Contact us today to schedule your risk free analysis, completed by professionals that have been in the industry for decades. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations and erase past interactions you’ve had with home service companies that may have not been the best. 

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors
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leak-free warranty





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We know you’re busy, which is why we stay on a strict timeline to ensure you’re back up and running in no time!

Our Services

Wood Rot Removal
Synthetic Underlayment
Aluminum Drip Edge
Ice & Water Shield
Ridge Vent
Starter Strip
Wood Rot Repair Wood rot is essentially mold decay that happens when the wood underneath is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. When moisture seeps through tiny spaces in the shingles, the water will pool, causing decay in the wood. Due to decay, the wood becomes soft which typically leads to water leaks in your home or business. 1761 Renovations will eliminate any wood rot found on the decking of your roof with brand new oriented strand board. This process is typically not covered by insurance, so most roofing companies will not perform this step that is extremely important to the health of your roof.
Underlayment Repair This high performance and high tech material is a layer that is installed on certain areas of your structure’s roof decking before shingles are installed. It protects the portion of the decking that is not already covered by the water and ice shield. The synthetic underlayment absorbs asphalt from the shingles in order to provide an extra layer of protection against water.
Aluminium drip edge Made out of corrosive resistant aluminum, the aluminum drip edge protects the roof from experiencing water damage at the roof rake and eave. Allowing shingles to stay firm at the edge of the roof, the drip edge allows shingles to stay in place and not bend or crack over the eave of the roof. Water is then diverted away from your structure and pushed toward the gutters where it belongs!
Water Damage Repair Made with bitumen that is polymer modified, the ice and water protector of your structure’s roof is an underlayment membrane that is waterproof and designed to protect areas of your roof that are at risk of water and ice damage.
Ridge Vent Repair A ridge vent is a very important aspect of your roof as it is placed on the peak of your structure’s roof as an air exhaust vent. A slit is cut at the roof’s peak and then covered by the ridge vent.
Starter Strip The starter strip is crucial because it adheres to the shingles on the edges of your roof and protects them from the elements. Without starter strip shingles, a gust of wind would have no trouble sneaking under the shingles on the edges of your roof and blowing them up, and perhaps even off, your roof.

Locally Owned Atlanta, GA Roofers

We are a team of seasoned roofing experts dedicated to serving homeowners and business owners in Marietta, Alpharetta, Lithia Springs, and Atlanta. As a locally established and managed Atlanta roofing contractor, we're not just service providers, but your neighbors too! Born and raised here, our pride lies in being the reliable Atlanta-based roofing firm on which homeowners can depend. We understand that you have various options when it comes to choosing a contractor, which is why we approach every customer as an individual, valuing your decision to choose us!

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors
At 1761 Renovations, we acknowledge that property owners play a significant role in keeping Atlanta vibrant and dynamic. We aim to alleviate their burdens by providing a smooth and stress-free roofing experience, allowing them to concentrate on their busy lives while we diligently take care of their roofing needs.

Roofers That Were Born & Raised in Atlanta!


When you’re searching for reputable roofing companies in Atlanta, Georgia to assist with your roof installations, your search ends here! While there are numerous contractors advertising their services, it’s crucial to consider several factors when hiring roofers. We offer workmanship warranty options ranging from 5 to 25 years on our exceptional work!


Our team of skilled technicians is comprised of the most dependable roofing contractors in Atlanta, GA. With their expertise, we can accurately diagnose and resolve roofing issues on the very first visit, minimizing the need for multiple trips. By doing so, we not only save you money but also prevent small problems from escalating into major ones. For all your roof repair needs, give us a call today.


As a premier roofing company in Atlanta, we have a specialized focus on handling storm damage and navigating the roof insurance claim process. With our extensive experience in the Atlanta roofing industry, we take pride in providing honest roof evaluations. Our commitment to integrity drives us to exhaust all efforts in order to secure claim approvals.


In addition to being a reputable residential roofing service provider, we proudly offer a comprehensive selection of commercial roofing solutions in Atlanta. Our expertise extends to TPO roofing and the application of roof coatings, among other specialties.

Full roof replacement, Atlanta,Ga
Safeco paid for full roof replacement , Lithia Springs, Ga
Allstate paid for full roof replacement,Milton, Ga
Quality Roofing Contractors

Are you looking for an Atlanta roofing company with experience and dedication to quality workmanship?

Becoming one of the leading roof replacement firms in Atlanta wasn’t an overnight success for 1761 Renovations! We are an A+ Better Business Bureau accredited company, nearing the completion of over 500 jobs as Atlanta’s top-notch roofers. We have successfully carried out over 100 roof storm damage repairs within the Metro Atlanta vicinity. As a locally owned and managed roofing contractor, we’re more than just service providers, we’re your neighbors! Having been born and raised here, we take immense pride in being the dependable roofing company homeowners can trust. We also understand that you have a multitude of choices when it comes to picking a contractor. That’s why we treat every customer as we would our own family, expressing our genuine gratitude for your decision to choose us!

Roof Repair Vs. Replacement: Making the Right Decision

Deciding whether to repair or replace your roof is a vital decision that influences the security, worth, and durability of your home. 1761 Renovations is committed to offering you the necessary insights to make a knowledgeable decision considering the state of your roof, your financial plan, and your long-term objectives.

When to Choose Roof Repair

  • Localized Damage: If your roofing issues are confined to a specific area or a few shingles, opting for repairs can be a cost-effective solution to address the problem without necessitating a complete replacement.
  • Recent Damage: In the case of newer roofs with minor damage caused by recent events such as storms or fallen branches, repairs can often restore the integrity of your roof without requiring a full replacement.
  • Budget Considerations: Repairing isolated problems can be more budget-friendly in the short term, especially if your roof is relatively new and has not yet reached the end of its lifespan.
  • Maintenance and Maintenance History: Regular maintenance and timely repairs can significantly prolong the life of your roof. If you have diligently maintained your roof and are dealing with minor issues, repairs might sufficiently address the situation.

When to Consider Roof Replacement

  • Advanced Age: If your roof is approaching its expected lifespan and is showing signs of deterioration, a replacement may be the smarter long-term investment compared to continuous repairs.
  • Extensive Damage: If your roof has widespread damage, such as multiple leaks, sagging areas, or severely deteriorated shingles, a replacement may be necessary to ensure your home’s structural integrity.
  • Cost of Repairs: If the cost of repairing multiple issues is close to the cost of a replacement, it may make more financial sense to invest in a new roof that offers improved performance and longevity.
  • Energy Efficiency and Upgrades: A replacement provides an opportunity to upgrade to more energy-efficient roofing materials, insulation, and ventilation systems that can result in long-term energy savings.
  • Curb Appeal and Home Value: If your roof’s appearance is significantly detracting from your home’s curb appeal, a new roof can improve aesthetics and increase your property’s value.
  • Consistent Problems: If you find yourself frequently dealing with repairs due to recurring issues, a replacement can offer peace of mind by eliminating the need for constant maintenance.

Consulting the Professionals

1761 Renovations suggests consulting our seasoned professionals for a thorough assessment of your roof’s condition. Our experts will carry out an exhaustive evaluation, taking into account aspects such as age, extent of damage, budget, and your future plans. With our guidance, you’ll obtain truthful recommendations customized to your unique circumstances, assisting you in making the optimal choice for your home and family.

Regardless of whether you choose a repair or replacement, 1761 Renovations is committed to providing superior solutions that place your safety, comfort, and satisfaction at the forefront. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship ensures your roofing project is in competent hands, leading to a roof that not only meets your needs but also surpasses your expectations.

Looking For Locally Owned Atlanta Roofing Companies?

Rest assured; we’ve got your needs covered! We are the expert roofers in Atlanta, GA and we’re dedicated to enhancing your roofing experience like never before. Be it our upgraded shingles, or the inclusion of ridge vents to keep your home comfortable and cool during the hot summer months, we ensure you receive the best value for your money.

As one of the most trusted roofing companies in Atlanta, our initial step will be to evaluate any damage to your roof and explain our proposed solutions, regardless of the size of the work required. Next, we’ll present all available options so you can make an informed decision that suits your needs. You can have peace of mind knowing we’ve meticulously covered every detail. That’s why 1761 Renovations is your go-to roofer in Atlanta, GA. Whether you need a roof replacement, repair, or any other roofing service, we’re here to help. To begin, simply give us a call at (678) 576-4584.


1761 renovations' NEW ROOF PROCESS

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Work With Atlanta Roofers You Can Trust!

Be vigilant! A large number of contractors lack professionalism, squandering your time and leaving you frustrated.

Working with these dishonest Atlanta roofing companies can lead to:

  • Squandering significant amounts of money on subpar work from other Atlanta roofing companies.
  • Putting your property investment in jeopardy with roofing that doesn’t meet Atlanta’s building codes or withstand its weather conditions.
  • Losing valuable time that could have been allocated to work or family.

At 1761 Renovations, we are a roofing company in Atlanta committed to superior craftsmanship. We aim not to waste your time or ours by having to frequently return to fix a leak here or a draft there—when we complete an Atlanta roofing job, we strive to leave your home in top-notch condition, as good as it was the day it was built, if not better.

If you’re in search of roofers in Atlanta, and specifically the best roofing company in Atlanta, then look no further than 1761 Renovations. You’ll be pleased with your decision.

But with 1761 Renovations you can expect:

  • At 1761 Renovations, we are Atlanta-based roofers committed to saving you money, as we value your resources just as much as ours. We aim to fix your roof correctly on the first attempt.
  • We strive to elevate your property’s value because a roof repair with us is not merely an expense, but a reinvestment into the overall worth of your home. You’re transforming a good home into an exceptional one. Whether you plan to renovate a house for sale or this is your lifelong home, acquiring the appropriate roofing that Atlanta homes require is your pathway to successful property investment.
  • As Atlanta roofers, we are dedicated to navigating you through the roof repair process as swiftly and effortlessly as possible.

Our expertise at 1761 Renovations isn’t limited to residential roofing in Atlanta. We also specialize in commercial roofing. As one of the top-tier roofing companies in Atlanta, our work is visibly prominent—we’ve replaced thousands of roofs and repaired and refurbished thousands more as experienced Atlanta roofers.

With our extensive industry presence, we hardly need to advertise—our satisfied customers are quick to vocalize their positive experiences with us as a leading Atlanta roofing company.

Allstate paid for full roof replacement, Atlanta, Ga
Our Atlanta Roofing Services

Metal Roofing

Installation Experts

An increasing number of homeowners are opting for metal roofs. It’s no surprise. Metal roofing in Atlanta is more robust than many other roofing systems with a lifespan of approximately 50 years or more, and you have a wide array of options.

From copper to aluminum or galvanized steel, you can opt for a standing seam roof or have the metal designed to resemble shingles or tiles. The materials also come in various colors. As one of the leading roofing companies in Atlanta, GA,

1761 Renovations has long acknowledged the growing trend towards metal roofing. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including installation, replacement, and leak repair for metal roofs.

We Cover All Aspects of Roofing

One of the most crucial parts of your roofing system is often overlooked—gutters. These systems guide water away from your roof and foundation. With properly functioning gutters, you’ll be more protected against roof leaks and other types of water damage. If you require gutter repairs or new gutters in Atlanta, it’s essential to hire an experienced roofer to ensure the job is done correctly.

1761 Renovations is the trusted roofer in Atlanta, GA, for all your roofing needs—from gutter replacement to new roof installations. Discover our comprehensive range of services by calling (678) 576-4584

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors


Renovation Services

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors


Renovation Services

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