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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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1761 Renovations offers you a FREE Roof Analysis done via drone technology to capture high-quality images and minimize further damage to your roof.

Call us for a FREE ANALYSIS so together we can avert further damage to your property. We are big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care that you get a quality roof the first time around- we got you covered!

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Atlanta roofing specialist

Atlanta roofing specialists

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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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We will complete your analysis using aerial and thermal imagery to identifty issues.



We will review the results with you and devise a plan of action!



We will provide you with a detailed report of your analysis, as well as a quote.


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Upon your approval, we will begin your project and have you back in action in no time.

Here's What You Get

What You Get

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

Risk free, no obligation roof inspection and analysis

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

99% + dimensional accuracy compared to traditional methods

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

Accurate and comprehensive reports

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

A licensed public adjuster to assist with insurance claims

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

High-resolution aerial and thermal imagery to identify issues


Drone Pilot On Standby

1761 Renovations is a local team of experts serving the Atlanta metro area. We are not only experienced but strive for perfection on every job we do. 

see what sets
1761 renovations
apart At No Cost

Schedule a no cost, convenient analysis.

Allow us the opportunity to show you what a superior experience can be had by choosing 1761 Renovations. Contact us today to schedule your risk free analysis, completed by professionals that have been in the industry for decades. Our goal is always to exceed your expectations and erase past interactions you’ve had with home service companies that may have not been the best. 

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors

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1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors
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Multiple finance plans with little to nothing down! Virtually anyone can be approved!


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leak-free warranty





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We’re committed to providing top notch services at reasonable prices.

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No money down!

Oops-Proof Protection

We get the job done right the FIRST time, every time.


We know you’re busy, which is why we stay on a strict timeline to ensure you’re back up and running in no time!

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Wood Rot Removal
Synthetic Underlayment
Aluminum Drip Edge
Ice & Water Shield
Ridge Vent
Starter Strip
Wood Rot Repair Wood rot is essentially mold decay that happens when the wood underneath is exposed to moisture for a prolonged period of time. When moisture seeps through tiny spaces in the shingles, the water will pool, causing decay in the wood. Due to decay, the wood becomes soft which typically leads to water leaks in your home or business. 1761 Renovations will eliminate any wood rot found on the decking of your roof with brand new oriented strand board. This process is typically not covered by insurance, so most roofing companies will not perform this step that is extremely important to the health of your roof.
Underlayment Repair This high performance and high tech material is a layer that is installed on certain areas of your structure’s roof decking before shingles are installed. It protects the portion of the decking that is not already covered by the water and ice shield. The synthetic underlayment absorbs asphalt from the shingles in order to provide an extra layer of protection against water.
Aluminium drip edge Made out of corrosive resistant aluminum, the aluminum drip edge protects the roof from experiencing water damage at the roof rake and eave. Allowing shingles to stay firm at the edge of the roof, the drip edge allows shingles to stay in place and not bend or crack over the eave of the roof. Water is then diverted away from your structure and pushed toward the gutters where it belongs!
Water Damage Repair Made with bitumen that is polymer modified, the ice and water protector of your structure’s roof is an underlayment membrane that is waterproof and designed to protect areas of your roof that are at risk of water and ice damage.
Ridge Vent Repair A ridge vent is a very important aspect of your roof as it is placed on the peak of your structure’s roof as an air exhaust vent. A slit is cut at the roof’s peak and then covered by the ridge vent.
Starter Strip The starter strip is crucial because it adheres to the shingles on the edges of your roof and protects them from the elements. Without starter strip shingles, a gust of wind would have no trouble sneaking under the shingles on the edges of your roof and blowing them up, and perhaps even off, your roof.
1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors


Renovation Services

1761 Renovations Roofing Contractors


Renovation Services

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