Is Your Roof Ready For Winter?

Getting your roof ready for winter is one of the most under rated things a home owner can do. Whether you live in Alpharetta Georgia, Marietta Georgia or any of the surrounding Atlanta Metro cities, it’s imperative to find a reputable roof installer near me. Be sure to check their credentials both on their website and their Google Business Profile.

There are multiple things you can do to manually prepare your roof for the cold season, but there are four things that are vital. Especially if you want to have your roof last over twenty five years. Many roof installers in Alpharetta Georgia and the surrounding areas understand the importance of winter roof maintenance. That said, you do have to be extremely cautious with who you choose to help you if you don’t want to do these tasks yourself.

Let’s move on to the top four things that the most reputable roofing company’s in Atlanta say to do:

Step 1: clear the debris from your roof. This includes leaves, twigs, fallen branches, etc.

Step 2: clean out your gutters! It’s a tedious task and most people will usually call a roofing company in Marietta Georgia or a neighboring city before doing it themselves. That said, this is an extremely important step.

Step 3: check the flashing for signs of corrosion. This can lead to you running the risk of having holes or leaks that are extremely difficult to find.

Step 4: check for shingle damage. Heavy constant rain and high winds can lead to your shingles breaking down and/or becoming damaged. To top it off, you also have to watch out for mister sunshine as it likes to bake and dry out the shingles over time.

Making sure these four important steps are accomplished is critical. They’re some of the most important tasks you can do to prevent your roof from becoming damaged over the winter. Be sure to call a reputable roof installer this fall and ask them what’s involved in preparing your roof for winter. If they’re a professional roofing company they’ll likely give you the four steps above!

Lastly be sure to find a roofing company that will likely not charge you to come out for a free inspection to make sure your current roof is in solid shape for the winter. 1761 Renovations is a perfect example. They do not charge anyone for information on how they can maintain their roof. Furthermore, they’ll come out free of charge if you’re in the local Metro Atlanta area to give you a 100% free roof inspection!

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